Banks suck #too many, food and rancid alcohol.

Posted: July 19, 2005 in Uncategorized

Thought had the bank thing sorted on Saturday. Looked at my account today, expecting restored overdraft facilities and refunded charges.

Er, no.

So I rang, and got someone who would ‘look into it immediately and ring me back’

15 minutes later, she did indeed ring back, to tell me that it all went tits up when they tried to sort out the reducing overdraft. The strange £15 charge was the normal charge made when arranging an overdraft, instead of reinstating one that went a bit wrong.

As a result, she has put credit on my account, so I have an overdraft again. My £90 bank fees will be refunded in full by tomorrow, and she will watch my account for a few days to check it doesn’t go crap again. Hurrah.

Here’s hoping then….

I did manage to get a tenner out of the bank toay, and apart from a frankly minging cob (adding chilli and beans to chicken and mayo does not make ‘Mexican Chicken’ – no-one needs to eat that much mayo), I got some smoked tofu and tofu with wild garlic. Num. And a small bar of Maya Gold.

Shaun is coming tomorrow, so I have to make sure the living room is relatively fur free.

I have a ludicrous amount of veg left. Is cabbage and chard soup possible or just gopping?

Talking of gopping – the woman at the company I went to today tells me her boyfriend drinks JD and black. JD and black. JD and BLACK?????

*heave* I can’t even begin to imagine how foul that must be.

Got a good recipe for vodka jelly babies though.


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