Lost confidence

Posted: July 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

I was a complete tossmeister at the gym earlier.

After congratulating myself on completing day 1 of the 0-10K in 6 weeks programme, I went to my chest and back workout feeling good.

Did my warm up, and went off to look for the 14kg dumbbells to start my proper sets.

No joy there. Ho hum, I thought, I’ll use the 16s. After getting a new PB last week with the 18s, I thought there would be no problem.

So I start with a set of 12 with the 16s. Hard, but then so it should be.

Rested a bit and did second set of 10 with the 18s. Harder, I could hardly get the weights up, but I just managed it.

By this point, the gym was really full, benches and people all around, and people getting really close while wandering to the weight racks. After a couple of minutes, I tried again. No way – I got my elbows by my side, and just could not lift them up. Put them down, went off to search for a gym instructor to spot me. No chance.

So I came back, took a few minutes to psych myself up, and completely failed. Argh, I’m so gutted. I completely lost my confidence and I’m so angry with myself! And I did something unpleasant to my shoulder, so I quit my workout and will try again in a couple of days.


And I bet all the blokes were laughing at me.

I was doing dumbbell chest presses, by the way.


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