It’s a plan

Posted: July 29, 2005 in Uncategorized

I have a plan for next month. Actually, I have a few.

1. Until I get paid again, I will not shop at one of the big 4
supermarkets – Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA or Morrisons. My fruit and veg
will come from the veg man or the market. My meat will come from the
farmers’ market or a local butcher. Cleaning stuff, nuts, tofu etc from
the local health food shop. Anything else I should be able to get from
the corner shop. The only exception is petrol. I hate what the
supermarkets are doing to their suppliers, but oil companies don’t
count – they are scummy bastards too.

2. I will work my way through the 0-10K in 6 weeks programme I got from
Runners World. That will be my cardio for the next 5 weeks. Whether I
manage 10K or not is not the point. I have a 5K coming up in September,
and I want to be faster than last year.

3. I will set up a new weights programme, that won’t be as long winded
as the old one. Nothing wrong with the old one, but I could streamline
it a bit. The leg workout took ages (though it worked!), and I really
only need 3 exercises per major bodypart max, instead of 4. When I lose
some fat, I’ll spend longer on the weights. Those runs are killer
anyway – there’s no way I can do weights and cardio on the same day!

4. Will also keep a food diary. My weights performance may be suffering
because I’m not eating the right things before my workout. I get tired
and yawny. Hopefully, I’ll see where I’m going wrong. I’m aware I’m not
eating loads of carbs, so that may be it.
On top of that, I will regulate my protein intake. I KNOW it should be
every meal, but sometimes, it’s all too easy to just eat toast for
breakfast instead of scrambling the eggs to go with it….

So tomorrow I will;

Go to the farmers market and buy lots and lots of lovely MEAT
Go to the health food shop in town, see if they have any tofu left
Go to the cheese shop, see what’s doing
Treat myself to a book. Which should I buy?

Trolley Wars
A Life Stripped Bare
Childfree and Loving it or
3 for 2 special offer crime novels, likely to be Reginald Hill and/or Janet Evanovich?


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