Nightmare parent and bargainage

Posted: July 31, 2005 in Uncategorized

The phone woke me up this morning. I have no idea what time, because I opened my eyes, the phone stopped, I noticed it was dark and went back to kip.

It rang again, waking me up, then stopping. This time, I looked at the clock. 04:29. Joy. After a bit, I went for a wee and checked 1471. My fucking mother. Why? Why on earth ring me twice at some ungodly hour of the morning? I thought 7am was bad enough! If she rings again today, I will Have Words.

When we finally got up, we went off to the pet food place and a car boot sale. I got a copy of THe Da Vinci Code, brand new for 30p, which is an utter bargain (as I’m not sure it’s my thing, so don’t want to pay full whack), and a 6-disc micro stereo system for £2. Admittedly, the speakers are rubbish Goodmans, but the system itself is a Denon. For £2! And it works! Marvellous.

Just put my lovely chicken in the oven to roast, and I’m going to work on my weights programme. M&F had an article about diminishing sets (a 70-rep thing anyway), which I might give a try – looks like it might be a good thing to do for bench press, leg press, shoulder press and pull ups for a start. The rest I can do ‘normally’.

I think I’ll go for less exercises and sets for now, and just do basic stuff. Once I’ve dropped some bodyfat I can do other stuff.

And later this afternoon we are off to the cine – friends are treating us to the flicks, and we’re going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have been warned there are ludicrous Americanisms in it (dolar, pants, vacation – all spoken in English accents), but with Tim Burton/Johnny Depp, I’m hoping it will be dark, just as Roald Dahl would have wanted it to be…..

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