Posted: August 8, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’m starving!

I had 3 slices of toast for beakfast, and I’ve since had a banana and an apple. And I’m feeling really empty and hungry!

Maybe I should have had eggs on my toast.

I desperately, desperately need another job now. I have had a course and visit cancelled. The expenses from the course were going to pay my car tax, the expenses from the visits were to pay for a new cambelt. Next month I have to pay for my Whitby cottage.

What with, I’m not sure. I haven’t even bought tickets yet. It seems we will be one of the many who are deciding not to buy tickets, and just to go to other events. I haven’t been that impressed with the bands recently – there’s usually one a night I really want to see, and that’s it.

Mr Criz has decided he probably won’t go next April. Personally, I’m tempted to do Dark City if it happens again. Only problem is that the music is a bit ‘bleep’ for my tastes. We went to Edinburgh once, but only for a day. Despite Mr Criz forgetting plane tickets, so we had an 8 hour drive each way, we really enjoyed it, and wanted to stay longer, so here’s our excuse….

IKEA are opening in MK, and ASDA *spit, but I’m poor* in Biggleswade, so I’m going to apply for those. Big bonus of Biggleswade is laughing at all the funny people with webbed toes and extra nipples. There aren’t too many surnames to remember, either 😉


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