Weak legs

Posted: August 11, 2005 in Uncategorized

Ran on Tuesday. The plan was to do 3 10 minute runs with a two minute walk between runs.

Unfortunately it appears the treadmills in the gym are restricted to 30 minutes. Half way through my third run, it startes to slow down. I’d psyched myself up for running for another 5 minutes, and was not impressed when it slowed down. I had to stop and restart the treadmill which was not a pleasant experience. Stopping from a run when you’re least expecting it is nasty, I felt a bit dizzy and odd, and out of breath. After restarting I ran for four minutes then cooled down on the bike.

Really put me off my stride, that did.

Did weights last night. It was OK.

Tonight, I am apparently going rollerskating. I have not been rollerskating for over 20 years. This may be interesting. My next entry may come to you from my bed, where I’m laid up in plaster….

Meanwhile, food. I have been terrible. Not just (or even so much) what I’m eating, I’m just not eating enough. Which is not helping at all. I definitely need more protein.

And still no key fob. Mine decided to stop working a couple of days ago. I can get into the flat, but not the building. I’ve rung Aldwyck, and they said they’d tell my housing officer. I’ve heard nothing back. It’s inconvenient, because I have to wait in for Mr Criz, so I can let him on, and we have had to park the cars outside (the garage uses the same system). Argh.


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