Some good news

Posted: August 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

It would appear I have an interview for Lush Northampton at some point next week. Go me!

I know it is minimum wage, but to be honest, all the available jobs are in retail, and apart from Lush, a health food shop or a bookshop, there aren’t many retail outfits I’d want to work in. Can you really imagine me trying to sell Topshop gear, or Pantene shampoo?

I can work up the enthusiasm for the products, I know and like them, and know a fair bit about the company. They’d have to be mad not to employ me! (mind, I said that last time…)

My side aches from the skating last night. But I didn’t fall over! It was an excellent ab workout (all that trying to stay upright), and I am particularly glad of all the squats, and painful sets on the adductor machine, because I had to use them yesterday, to master corners.

Mr Criz has been signed off for a week. He has a torn rotator cuff. This is commonly known as Bloody Painful, and requires Complete Rest of the affected area, painkillers and NO LIFTING. Or it could result in Surgery and Months Of Healing (aka no pay, or crappy SSP).
I pulled mine once. I really wouldn’t recommend it. Given that I’m the weights fiend, I would have thought I was more in the running for that particular injury, but it appears not.

I need food. I have no readily cookable food. Everything needs defrosting. Bah. If I had some money, I would buy stuff, but I’m skint and must make things. Bean soup is good, but I have no tomatoes. Oh arse.


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