Guilt and whines

Posted: August 18, 2005 in Uncategorized
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I feel guilty. I hate feeling guilty. Guilt is for paranoid Catholics.
Why do I feel guilty?
Because I am a selfish cow.
Because of my love of shiny and smelly things, we are in debt. OK, so I’m paying them all off myself, but it means poorness and rice for evermore. I hate watching every bloody penny.
Because I haven’t been to the gym all week. I ran on Monday, but didn’t go Tuesday. Was going to go yesterday, but haven’t seen Lara for ages, so helped do her hair in return for food. I ate chickpeas and didn’t screech! Yay! I shouldn’t feel guilty because I helped a friend, which is a nicer thing to do than go to the gym.
Because my friend wants to go running with me, and I hesitated because I KNOW she’s a better runner than me, even though she never goes to the gym (mind you, most people are better runners than me), and I know it will knock my confidence.
So, I’m angry with myself too, for feeling guilty, for being selfish and just generally being me. And because I am nowhere near losing the stone I wanted to lose before Whitby. In fact, I haven’t lost a pound.

And Lush never got back to me about that interview.

And today’s work will mostly involve reading trademark/licence agreements and EC law. Oh, the joy.


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