Posted: August 20, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Will be an odd one this year.

I’m really looking forward to it, in many ways. I love Whitby, talking to people I don’t see all year (disconcertingly, a lot of them live in the same town as me…..), the scenery, the whole ‘holiday’ thing.

I have a friend coming who hasn’t been for years, which will be nice, but in other ways, I’m just not looking forward to it at all….

The cost. I am skint, and paying for the cottage is going to be a nightmare. The saving grace is that I collect the ‘rent’ on the first day, and that gives me my spending money.

Tickets. HQ have sold out, we have no tickets. We were holding off until the bands were announced, because I don’t want to pay £40 to stand around chatting. I’m disappointed, because I like going to the Spa, and chatting with mates when a not so great band is on, and my mate will be really disappointed, because she wants to do the whole ‘see bands and look at the pretty costumes’ thing. But she won’t go on her own. So here’s hoping the bands are announced soon, and we manage to get tix if the bands are worth it.

The ‘alternative’ events haven’t been advertised either, if they’re happening…

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more grumbling on various communities by now. I’ve seen a few complaints, but nothing too major. I hope Jo gets it together soon. Mr Criz is convinced this will be the Last One.


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