Lacking motivation (for a change)

Posted: August 21, 2005 in Uncategorized
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I am so sick to deat of myself.

We all know I joined a gym, ate healthier and put on 2 stone. I know why that happened. That problem applies no longer.

I still have 2 stone to lose though. I have done a few things to try
and lose the weight – more cardio, more weights, more everything, less
food, less sugar, less carbs, bodybuilding diets, macronutrient ratios
blah blah blah.

Haven’t lost a sodding pound.

No way will I lose a stone by Whitby, but half a stone would be good.
It would mean I can get into my most recently purchased clothes (Nov
2004), though I would look identical on the photos 😉

My goals are very boring and standard – lose bodyfat while maintaining strength and whatever muscle I already have.

Another big stumbling block is my utter utter loathing of diets. If they worked, people would only ever do one.
I think the Food Doctor had the best approach.

I’ve changed my routine, but wasn’t getting on with it, so this
afternoon, I will try to work out another one. Plan is to do weights 3
x a week, running twice, and another form of cardio for the third
session. The running is training for a 5K next month.

A trainer at the gym suggested doing splits that incorporate upper and
lower body, in order to shunt the blood around, and keep the heart rate
up (not that mine is ever low, mind), something along the lines of
back/biceps/hamstrings, chest/triceps/calves, shoulders/quads/abs.
Which now I’m looking at it, doesn’t seem too bad……

So, any hints, tips etc ?

And do lunges count as a quad or hamstring exercise?

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