Posted: August 23, 2005 in Uncategorized
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be more disgusted with myself if I tried. One week away from the gym, visiting friends I have neglected for months, trying to be more sociable, and what happens?

I put on 3 pounds.

Oh fucking joy.

Immensely pissed off with myself. I just want to be able to get into my pinstripe trousers without cutting myself in half, or having a particularly offensive case of camel toe.

As for cash, well…..

I have none. The rest of the month will be spent mostly working from home or a local office, as I have NO cash at all. For food or petrol.

I may have to break my one month supermarket ban, as I have around £30 of Nectar points to spend, and we’re getting short on food. Next month, I will be getting a trolley full of Economy beans and tomatoes, because that’s what I’m missing. And catering size tins of tuna.

We watched Transformed last night. Those teenagers were monstrous! Interesting how Harvey (the pot smoking not-so-bright chav) went to shit as soon as he got home. Methinks his mother had a lot to do with his attitude. He wasn’t entirely to blame!

But that blonde tart – OMG! Mr Criz, who sees the best in everyone, even sat in front of the telly saying, ‘She’s horrid, she needs a slap, whiny little bully!’ I was impressed. She was hideous though, a real mardy little cow who treated everyone like shit then cried when she didn’t get her own way.

Her mother should have booted her out. She’s over 16, she can fuck off.

Best quote was the woman on GMTV who reviews the programmes. SHe said ‘I saw this, and I have to say one thing -sorry mum – but I’m never having kids!’


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