Happy and Motivated

Posted: August 25, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Now there’s a bloody change!

Did some overtime last night – 5 hours of it. We don’t get a lot of overtime, but I had to supervise electrical testing. It’s worth £15 an hour before tax, so I should get about £50 out of it – that’ll pay petrol money to Whitby, and a few zips!
While I was there, I Wrote Lists. The computers were down, so I couldn’t work as such, but I spring cleaned my cupboard, wrote down what I had to do for each case, and planned it all in my diary. I am fully booked and working for the next month.

THis morning, I had to drop Mr Criz off at a friends. At 6am! They are off to the seaside for the day. Bearing in mind, I had to pick him up after work last night, so I got in at 11, and to bed at 12, that’s no mean feat. Hence I’ve been here since 7am. At least I can go home early then.

In more motivational shock horror, I finally decided to get my arse into gear and stop whining. I have reread the Food Doctor books, and will be trying to eat properly from now on. Looking at my food choices, my breakfast is usually spot on anyway. I’ve also decided to do his 7 day detox the week before Whitby, as Whitby is often a complete pizza-fest (and the cottage is around the corner from the bakery)

So, here’s hoping I keep this up, get all my work up to date (which will please the boss) and finally lose a bit of flab.

Would be nice if the family planning clinic was ever open, and the ASDA place would answer their pone, so I can tell them I’m going to the assessment, but heigh ho.

And I have an(other) interview with Lush! Let’s hope I don’t fuck it up this time.

Good grief, a happy post!

*is shocked*


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