Have actually accomplished something.

Posted: August 25, 2005 in Uncategorized

Still working – have actually done something productive today.

So far, I have;

Rung back ASDA to say I will go to the assessment

Made the apointment with the family planning clinic

Finished the report I started yesterday

Waded through the horrors of Common Agricultural Policy quotas and actually ‘got it’. I now have to send a bill, which they will not be best pleased about.

Still have to check insurance rates and stuff, then I can go home, though I have been here since 7, so I could leave it till tomorrow. Not starting out well though, so I will see how long this download takes.

My armpit is sore, and very flaky. I suspect it has not got over the last bout of Aromacreme-inspired peeliness, and is having another go. Yum. Peeling pits at the gym. Tasty.

Speaking of which, Mr C didn’t get to Clacton – they went to Milton Keynes instead. With any luck he has bought some conditioner as we are deperately running out, and an Aqua Mirabilis for me, because I am getting scaly (well, my armpits are. I suspect it is lack of exfoliation that has caused latest peeling)


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