Best laid plans and all that…

Posted: September 1, 2005 in Uncategorized
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My plan to spend in Sainsbury’s and save petrol failed impressively.

Went to the supermarket, bought basic stuff, but no meat because I couldn’t find much organic stuff, and I bought loads of tins of economy beans and tomatoes, got half price tuna etc etc, in fact I bought loads. Got to the checkout…..£45! Bang went my cheap petrol. Oh well. We now have lots of food. For the next month, we will mostly be eating tuna and tomato sauce with pasta, pasta with vegetables and cheese sauce, stir fry veg with rice and Chinese curry sauce, Red Thai curried prawns and rice and bean stew.

Went for a run with Susie on Tuesday night – the circuit was 1.7 miles, so I said next time (hopefully tomorrow) we do it twice.

Interview tomorrow, and I’m a bit nervous because I realise there will be PMT. I’m starting to feel a bit crampy, but the FP lady pretty much ordered me to take a break.

Absolutely have to go to Lush this weekend, though I’m skint. I need conditioner (we have none), ultrabland (it won’t last till Whitby), deodorant (ditto, and more Aromaco for when I get stinging pits), and scrubby stuff, becasue I have skin like rhino hide. And a new comfy bra. And a coffee. Wonder if it would be cheeky to buy products off the interviewer tomorrow 😉

Really need to buy that top. Something comfy but ‘me’. Charity shopping at lunch then.


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