A bit of controversy

Posted: September 5, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Because we all need it on a Monday morning.

Am I the only person that is thoroughly disgusted with the US government (more than usual, anyway), with the way they’ve handlesd the hurricane fallout?

It is unacceptable to me, that the worlds richest and most powerful country is relying on aid from Europe (and Cuba, Iran and Afghanistan have offered aid too, which I find….amusing), when it normally looks right down its nose at us. (I mean the government, not the people)

I have no objections to giving those people aid, none at all – they need it, but for their government to abandon them like that, is beneath contempt. I hope everyone affected by it calls for that bastard to get out. It’s proof he doesn’t give a shit about people at all, just himself.


Not that I know enough to coment, but the chap on the news this morning who said Dubya is responsible for sorting it out, and he’s failed them was spot on.

In other news, saw another dead car this morning. A red taxi had stoved into a lamppost at the traffic lights. At least I didn’t see it happen this time, and there was no engine leakage 😉 Hope it isn’t a sign, all these crashed red cars – my car is red 😮


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