More whinge

Posted: September 6, 2005 in Uncategorized

Because that’s what you all expect from me, right?

Although I got the job at Lush, I still have the Chavda assessment to go to today. I fully expect them to tell me to piss off because now I can’t work Saturdays. We will see. Have also applied yet again, for a job at MK sorting office, this time as a Christmas temp. Hey, they need 70 of them, I must be in with a chance this time!

Anyhow, ASDA. They want me to go to this assessment with a passport (which I haven’t got) or birth certificate (which I can’t find, and I could use anyones, really), and proof of my National Insurance number, or I won’t be allowed in. WTF?

So, the fact I work for a government department, in a reserved post means nothing to them then? Didn’t they read the application form? I am tempted to tell them I sent off for my birth certificate and it hasn’t arrived yet. As for the NI number – pffft. Stupid people. Given the number of illegals working at their local warehouse, I don’t suppose they pay that much attention anyway.

Wonder how much I can upset them.


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