Posted: September 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

Mr Criz is off to the quack today, to see if he can go back to work. All well and good, until you try to get an appointment.

Last time he went, he rang up on Thursday, asked for a Friday appointment, and got it. Yesterday, he rang up, was told, rather rudely, that he had to make an appointment on the day and the receptionist was having none of it. Interesting they change their policy the week the government is being slated about that very system.

Of course, trying to ring at 8.30 this morning results in a constant engaged tone. The Yellow Pages has 3 numbers for the practice, so on our 3 phones, we redial constantly until someone answers. Apparently, that’s the emergency number. No, you can’t make an appointment, you have to ring No. 3. After explaining the YP didn’t specify what the nubers were for, Mrs Impatience just repeatedly told us #1 for emergencies, #2 for enquiries, #3 for appointments. We got through eventually, but still….

The good thing is, he has an appointment with a different doc this time, so no religious harrassment.


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