Ranting and bets

Posted: September 12, 2005 in Uncategorized
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So, rant of the day goes to idiotic sheep who wibble at the smallest thing.

The papers this morning were saying that people are panic buying petrol due to fuel blockades and possible shortages. Not last time I looked. In fact, they were saying on the telly that no-one was panic buying, we have loads of petrol, we’re not going to run out, so don’t worry about it.

Anyhow. Due to my poverty status, I’ve only been buying as much as I absolutely have to. This morning, running on fumes (about 10 miles worth), I thought I’d better get some. My plan was this;

Get a bit of fuel locally. Enough to get to Watford (I had to work there today)

Fill up the tank in Watford (pretty much the cheapest petrol in the UK)

Not have to buy any more for a couple of weeks, because I’m skint, and because I get to walk to work the rest of the week.

What actually happened;

Got to local petrol station. It’s usually busy, but the queues were just silly. Thought ‘bugger that’

Drove past the next one half a mile down the road. Closed for refurbishment. Thought ‘arse’

Drove to the next one on the wat to the M1. Half the unleaded pumps were off. The pumps that did have unleaded were full of people filling up with….diesel. Thought ‘stupid bastards, if I didn’t have 5 miles left, I’d go elsewhere’

Went to Watford, did my thing and went to Chavda for fuel. And it was bloody rammed. At midday. Obviously, no-one in Watford actually works during the day. Also saw hideous queues across the road at Sainsbury’s.

Bloody ridiculous.

Who really gives a shit? If there’s a fuel shortage, I can’t get to work. Chances are, my boss can’t either. I can’t do visits, the staff at the companies I visit can’t get there either, so who cares? It’s not like I’ll get the sack. And as for those bloody mothers who drive their cosseted little darling half a mile to school in a bloody jeep…….

We should get over ourselves, and send more fuel top people living in rural areas where they have no choice but to drive.

As for the bet….

I have a target. Less than 6 weeks to Whitby. Who thinks I can actually lose half a stone before then? I have had no bloody joy losing ANYTHING. If I lost a couple of pounds it would improve my motivation no end…. (and get about an inch off my waist)

So the target is 7lbs and/or a waist under 30″

I’m off to the gym…..


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