Gob has been well and truly smacked

Posted: September 14, 2005 in Uncategorized

Just been to the market to buy fruit. Just brought it home exactly how much supermarkets rip us off

I got;

Over a pound of black seedless grapes (£1 a bowl)
5 pomegranates (5 for £1)
2 punnets English strawberries (2 for £1.50)
6 new season Cox apples (30p per lb)

For £2,99

Just been on Sainsbury’s website, and they have the following;

Black seedless grapes, £2.99 for 400g
No Cox, but they have English apples at £2.19 for 4 (!!!)
1lb strawberries (not English, either) for £1.69 – and that’s a half price offer…..
Pomegranates are 89p each.

Bearing in mind I got around 600g grapes and 6 apples, the grand total comes to….



That’s a joke, right?


Fucking hell.


In the interests of fairness,I went to the Asda site,as it’s supposed to be the cheapest supermarket, and the stuff IS cheaper. They have no pomegranates listed, so I used the Sainsbury’s price, and the total is….


Better, but still 😮


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