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Posted: September 15, 2005 in Uncategorized

Went to the gym again last night, and was accosted by a rather attractive lady who asked me what I was trining for. I’m not very good when random people approach me, so I just mumbled something about training to be less fat. She said she wondered, because I do really heavy weights. I was quite flattered really (though I don’t do heavy weights).

I did the following, anyway;
Flat bench flyes 4×8 12kg
Lateral raise 4×8 7kg (ouch)
Skullcrushers 3×10 10kg
Assisted pullup 4×8 25kg
Dumbbell preacher curl 3×8 7kg
Reverse cable curl 2×10 15kg
Leg press 1×10 80kg, 3×8 120kg
Seated leg curl 3×8 45kg
Seated calf raise 3×15 50kg
Obliques 3×10 each side

I finally put the weight up on the lat raises, and it was hard work, but I did it! Can’t understand why I use the same weight for reverse curls as I do standard curls, and I put the calf weight up too.

Pullups hurt, as usual, but less than they have in the past. I may be able to get a few out with less assistance. I wasn’t supposed to do pullups at all, but the cable machine was busy. For a change.

Tonight, I will be running, unless Susie is going to a gig, in which case I may brave a Spinning class (erk)

Debt news – my union at work is affiliated with the Debt Clinic, and also a company that does IVAs, where the fees are added to your total debt, instead of you having to pay upfront. Very tempted by this option now, as certain banks are still charging interest, late fees and whatever they think they can get away with,and my debt is steadily increasing, which is just Not The Point.

I am a vacant bint, and I for got to order my fruit and veg this week. Luckily, I remembered this while I was in the supermarket, so I got eggs and milk, but I am still a silly arse, particularly as I have paid in advance and had to fork out extra last night. D’oh.

mr_criz came home last night with a carrier bag of Hula Hoops. This is not helping. At least they were all plain ones. I don’t like them much. Salt and Vinegar would have been a different story!

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