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Posted: September 19, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Thank you all for your kind comments, it seemed to go well, and I didn’t upset anyone!

Got to Leicester, was quite early, and was just about to learn about
wrapping soap, when everyone arrived. Didn’t actually serve any real
customers, but learned about the products (I actually learned a couple
of things too), and the tills.

Just been to the gym, and though I am doing well with my new programme,
I seem to be stagnating as far as weights used are concerned. I need to
sort out goals – weights I want to be using by Whitby.

I did this tonight;

Incline bench press 1x 10 10kg, 3×8 20kgFront raise 4×8 6kgKickbacks
3×8 8kgBarbell row 4×8 30kg (there’s a rant about this one coming
up)Incline dumbbell curl 3×8 7kgReverse wrist curl 2×10 4kgLeg
extension 3×8 45kg 1×10 50kg (yay!)SLDL 3×8 35kg (and I didn’t lose my
grip!)Seated calf raise 3×15 50kgI haven’t improved my squat or incline
bench for months. I really need to do something about that. Same with
bicep exercises. Before Whitby, I want to be doing 35kg on the Olympic
bar for squats (I currently do 30), 22.5kg on incline bench, at least
one set at 18kg for dumbbell bench, and 8kg for incline bicep curls.Now
for the rant. There are four preloaded barbells at my gym. Total
weights are 12kg, 30kg, 35kg and 40kg. I decided last week that 30kg
wasn’t really giving me a ‘burn’ on rows, so I thought I’d go for the
35. Except it was on the top rack. On the second one down, which is hip
height, I could have done it, but not at chest height. Couldn’t
see  a member of staff anywhere, so went down to ask. One was
taking a class, the other was showering after his class. Joy. Someone
was off sick, and they had no-one supervising in the gym. Marvellous.I
found him when I wanted the same weight for deadlifts though.

When we tidied up, I found my old programme from nearly four years ago,
which was a Muscle and Fitness Rock Hard Challenge. I loved that
workout, though I felt like I’d been hit by a train after every one.
I’d been looking for it for ages, as I have the other two magazines,
but not that one. Happy now, and I will be doing that after Whitby.

Speaking of Whitby, I would love to arrange for
to help with my hair! The weekend before is a nightmare because I have
parties to go to, and work, but I may be able to manage Sunday morning,
or I could come to you….. *grovel* I have a huge bar of Snowcake
still *bribe*…….


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