Bloody Tired

Posted: September 22, 2005 in Uncategorized

Have just spent 2 very long days working in a shop. I couldn’t do that full time!

But it was fun. I’ve had to sacrifice a gym workout and a run for it, but spending 10 hours a day on your feet must be some form of exercise, especially as I did a lot of heavy lifting yesterday.

But, the managers seemed pleased with me, I didn’t fuck up majorly, and it was all a bit of a laugh, even if I got tongue-tied trying to big up the shampoo.

But hey, how many retail jobs can you say will let you have silly hair and the uniform is black?

I am now starving, skint and foodless, and waiting for Mr Criz to come and pick me up.

Normal work tomorrow, where I get to sit on my arse all day and watch it spread. And surf a bit, and hopefully my headache will have gone by then.


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