Posted: September 25, 2005 in Uncategorized

Just did the Biddenham 5K. In a pathetic 37 minutes something. Last year I did it in 34.

There were many reasons for my crapness.

I had little sleep (due to picking Mr Criz up at 2.30)
I didn’t eat properly last night, and it certainly wasn’t a carb fest.
I certainly haven’t drunk enough over the last few days
My shins still hurt from Tuesday
I felt dog rough this morning. I had an upset stomach which had me wishing I could run as fast as my arse…. but it probably dehydrated me more. I had to stop a couple of times to walk, so I’m not best pleased with my performance.

Good news is that there were leaflets left on the car, so I know know there is a specialist running shop that also deals with injuries in Bedford. Might go for a chat – I suspect my shoes are all wrong (I bought them from a running shop, too!)

And shortly we’re off to Mr Criz’s dad for a barbie. Joy, but I’ll get a bit of a snooze in first….


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