Less urgh

Posted: September 27, 2005 in Uncategorized

Feeling a bit better today. Went to Susies last night, as they’re off to the States on Wednesday. She cooked roast lamb, and I managed a slice, a Yorkshire and some veg, which made me feel much better.

Did some work today, just ate the Pot Noodle, and found I’ve won a Pot Noodle Horn which I find vaguely amusing. As I came in, I could smell tomato soup, which is the ultimate in ‘feel-good’ food, so later I will buy some Heinz tomato soup and white bread (because I really don’t need any fibre at the moment)

Belly still feeling a bit delicate, but it all seems to be working properly today.

Going to a friends tonight to watch Episode 1, Season 2 of Lost. Think it’s a bit cheeky that other EC countries have it and we’re not even half way through Season 1 yet, especially as we can now buy the DVD of the whole series….

Just escaped Ricki Lake which is full of very young teenage girls who think they want babies. Grim.

Need to find the time to finish my dress without any more seam horrors, and get some more dreads made. Luckily I remembered to get the steamer back.


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