Busy busy

Posted: October 2, 2005 in Uncategorized

Well, until Whitby, I have a total of four and a half whole days to do stuff. Well actually, the following;

Finish making the PVC dress – a whole day job, that

Make pattern for fishtail skirt – a good half a day

Make skirt – best part of a day

If it’s good, make same skirt out of PVC – another day

Make pattern for shrug, and make shrug – most of a day

Alter last years PVC skirt – couple of hours

Make dreads – 4 hours

Install dreads – 4 hours

So that’s my Sundays (and Monday before) covered. I have a party on one day, and a christening on another, so it’s actually nearer 3.5 days. You do the maths.

And did I mention the living room is a tip (again), and I need to tidy it a bit before I sew, the rats need cleaning out, and I have to sort out the fridge so I can put my veg away?

The bathroom and kitchen need doing as well.


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