Very tired

Posted: October 8, 2005 in Uncategorized
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Just finished work, and I am knackered.

I dressed as the Tin Man, and looked a total spanner, but it was fun.

I bought Ruby Red Slippers because they rock. Really looking forward to Crimble goodies, except for Snow Fairy which is really not to my taste. Think Creamy Candy with triple saccharin. Blech. Randy Butter smells nicer than I remembered, and looking forward to Champagne Jelly, CLeanliness and Christmas Party. Oh yes.

Got a letter from Royal Mail to go to an assessment. Can’t make that particular day, but still interested. Hope they have morning instead of evening shifts. UPS are doing 03.15 – 07.15 which would be great. 5pm – 9pm would be a pain in the arse, but I’d do it for the extra £350 a month. That would get my fucking debts down. And it’s only a temp Christmas job. So what? It’s still £700 extra off my debts, even if I’m just doing 2 months.

Tomorrow I should be going to a christening. Mr Criz is Godfather. Unsurprisingly, I am not Godmother. Must be combination of God + Parent that does it. 😉 Not sure whether to go yet.

Either way, tomorrow I should be making whatever dreads I need to complete my headful, and possibly steaming some, plus cleaning the bathroom. If I have time (depending on the christening and whether I go, I will also try to make soup, and find/draft a pattern for my lairy red skirt.

Off to eat. Starving!


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