It’s all gone horribly wrong

Posted: October 10, 2005 in Uncategorized

I’m going to do an Ed, and not depress my entire f-list any more than I already have, but I’ll just say the following;

I hate being patronised by doctors, and made to feel like a fat lardy freak of nature

I hate tinpot companies who fuck over their employees, and the fucktards who run them

I hate speculums, and hospitals in general

I hate my flab

I hate myself

I hate being in debt

I may elaborate later.

Good things that have happened today;

My car passed its MOT

I bought more clips so I can make dreads




We’re going to Whitby in 2 weeks.

Now I’m going away to lose my temper/chop things up/cry/have a bath/all of the above


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