A Good Thing

Posted: October 11, 2005 in Uncategorized

It appears Royal Mail are interested in employing me as a temp at the sorting office.

But I need a passport or full birth certificate.


I have a certificate, in fact I have two (my mother ordered one for some odd reason), but can I find them? Can I bollocks. And I can’t make the registration day, because I have to visit a company I’ve cancelled 3 times! Maybe I should visit the company earlier in the day – wonder if they’ll be there at 8am? They’re only in Luton, so it’s not like I have to rag it from Borehamwood to MK…..

But I WILL work there. Even 2 months of sorting Christmas cards and packages will buy me new glasses and/or dental treatment, or even pay off a big chunk of debt. Hurrah.

Found comedy job for Mr Criz – the local police force want someone to take down car details and collate information taken from speed cameras so they can send out the tickets…… Sounds bad, but it’s a secure(ish) job, with a union, pension, proper contract, decent leave etc etc. I reckon he should go for it…


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