Marginally better

Posted: October 12, 2005 in Uncategorized

OK, so the day started off OK, got crap, then rapidly worse, but got a bit better towards the end.

Bad things;

I got a bollocking. Actually I got 3

Mr Criz lost his job

There’s not much could be worse than that, so that’s about it

Good things;

I made yummy Chilli Pork soup, and there is enough left over for my dinner tomorrow

New Toffee Crisps don’t have hydrogenated oils in them (although that’s not good for the waistline)

I even managed to make 5 dreads (go me!). I will make the rest tomorrow, but I was so knackered today, it’s been a bit draining. I will now go to bed, and get up bright and early for a whole day of looking at invoices (oh joy)

Tomorrow Mr Criz is going to the CAB first thing, followed by bank, followed by jobcentre, and if I get back to the office, I’ll print off a few updated CVs for him.

I was going to have a bath, but I can’t be arsed. Shame I didn’t get to the gym, but will try tomorrow. Now off to bed to watch crap TV.


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