Today will be good

Posted: October 13, 2005 in Uncategorized

Today at work was better. I did in 3 hours what I was expecting to do in at least 10 😉

We have found the source of the head lice horror, which was confirmed completely after Mr Criz visited the main suspect last night. While he was out, I combed my hair, and found nothing. He came home late, and I noticed this morning his hair smelled ‘funny’ – he’d had his hair combed through with conditioner, and believe me, you can tell the non-Lush!

And this morning, I find 3 – 2 dead, 1 alive, obviously running away from him to me. I have none now, and I will be going to Boots tomorrow to buy strong killer – sod this prevention lark, I want them dead before I have dreads put in.

Later I am going to the gym, then to see Lara and goth_urchin, as we’re all having a poo time, and we will bitch, gossip, eat macaroni cheese and chocolate and make ourselves feel better.

THen I’ll go home and have a nice RRS bath.


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