Thanks all

Posted: November 20, 2005 in Uncategorized

Sanity has been restored, and I feel human again. Almost. I’ve been so good recently, but that came completely out of the blue.

Ho hum.

A couple of small things to ask – nonnymus – we are thinking of coming up to the Wake if there is one next month, as a pre-Crimble thing. Mr Criz wanted to ask Paul and Bridget, though their work may make it impossible. Is there likely to be a Wake next month, or even an Asylum?

I now have very reddy pink hair, and a pink bath. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of scouring powder.

I have £10. Tomorrow, I need to get to Northampton (£5 petrol + £2.10 parking), £2 for tea and chips at the pub for lunch, and then this week I will need another £10 for petrol for work. Hmmmm. And that tenner is pushing it. Lots. Arse.

And we have no milk, bread, butter, little cat food sodding hell.

But I have bright hair and pink hands (and I didn’t even dye it!)

Started going back to the gym last week – got an offer to add a friend to my membership for £20 a month, so Susie is added, and now we both pay £29 a month instead of £38 – bargain! Did weights a couple of times. Given that I was ill, and haven’t done weights, I’m only one weight down from what I was doing last time. My arse isn’t half flabby though! When this sinusitis is completely cleared, I will be at the squats and lunges with a venegance!

Haven’t put the weight back on yet, but then my crappy diet (well, crap in that it now contains 2-3 servings of fruit and veg a day instead of 8-10) has probably contributed to my general unwellness.

We have a plague of fruit flies though, after something got left out over Whitby, and they won’t fuck off! All fruit will have to live in the fridge until further notice. Argh.


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