Boring life

Posted: December 8, 2005 in Uncategorized

I still have brightish pink hair – must buy more red dye today.

My car is a pain in the arse and does some real kidney punching jerks when you try to rag it off the lights (coz it’s me bangin’ Nova, innit?) Bloody arsebiscuits. Apparently not the carburettor (as we took it apart the other night), but may be the leads or coil, both of which cost. Poo.

Debating whether to go to the Coven this weekend. Poor and destitute, but it’s probably the last clubbing opportunity before Crimble.

Still no idea what I’m going to be doing for my birthday. No cash, nowhere to go.

The weight has stayed off for now, I am now officially a size 12 again. Hurrah. Still no idea how I lost nearly a stone (actually 12 pounds) on a total crap diet, but there you go.

Oh yeah, need to buy fishnet tights. Mine have the wrong sort of holes in them.

I should be working.

I will work. Then buy hair dye and tights, and maybe a book from the charity shop. Or a fitness mag.

Been going to the gym with Susie, and I am a weed. Current target is to manage a set of chest presses with the 20kg dumbbells by the new year. As I can barely lift the 18kgs, and can only manage one set of 8, this could be interesting. Any tips on how to increase my squattting weight greatly appreciated.

I actually bought some alcohol from Sainsbury’s – a half bottle of JD. GO me. My appetite for alcohol seems to have come back. How strange.

Scared the boss at the work do yesterday, when half of us admitted that we have drunk one or two entire bottles of spirits in an evening in our youth. He now suspects he works in an office full od alkies (though there was no drinking yesterday as most of us were driving)


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