Yule joy

Posted: December 21, 2005 in Uncategorized

Yuletide greetings to all! Hope the next year is fruitful and full of joy for you all. As the days get longer, hopefully my mood will get brighter with the sun.

Like Nevla, I have neglected my pagan studies this year, and I really should sort it out.

Getting an urge to run outside. No idea why – it’s icy, foggy and cold and I will get earache. Bought a book from Oxfam yesterday – it promises to train you to finish a marathon in 16 weeks. I haven’t entered a marathon, but it teaches you to get through those long runs. What really stops me from running longer isn’t lack of fitness, it’s boredom, so hopefully I will be able to run a bit further than 3-4 miles in a few weeks.

Works Christmas dinner today, and gym later. Going to the gym after melon, beef and creme brulee – joy. Definitely NOT a cardio session today…..

Have two more pressies to buy, and tokens for the lovely people who are putting up with me this year. Two doesn’t sound bad, but I’m actually only buying for 5 people. Hmmm.

Must dye hair before Christmas Eve – nice festive red hair required!


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