Posted: December 26, 2005 in Uncategorized

Can’t be arsed to do anything!

Christmas Eve at the Bear was OK, but I was completely knackered after
having worked all day in a shop, and having to suffer the joy of public
transport. Some little scrote smashed my window and pinched the stereo.
Not the end of the world, as the stereo was crap anyway, but I can’t
get a proper window from Autoglass or RAC till Wednesday, and it’ll be
£50 – may get to check the scrappies tomorrow.

Had a good day yesterday at Paul and Bridgets, ate lots, drank a bit and watched Dr Who. Finally got home sometime after 11pm.

Today I am being lazy. Just given the bathroom a quick clean, but we
need to clean the rat cage out, and the cat tray. One of the cats is
Not Well. It isn’t pretty. I am glad we have a lino floor.

Vague birthday plans involve going to MK to spend book tokens, eat food
and watch a film, then in the evening possibly go to the Cheese Night
at Luton.

IKEA opens tomorrow in MK, so will avoid for a bit, but may pay a visit
later this week, preferably coming home with food and a belly full of

Want to go to the pub or something tonight, but everyone’s out doing the ‘family thing’, so I am all on me tod bored shitless.

Rest of the week to be spent watching Comic Strip, as I bought the entire collection on DVD, and there’s a new one on telly on Wednesday…..

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