New Year and all that…..

Posted: January 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

So. it is a new year, and have I made any resolutions?

Not really.

I will not be joining a gym – I’m already a member, though I will try to be more consistent and do my cardio like a good girl. Goal this year is the unassisted pull up and to squat my bodyweight.

You can shove your diets up your arse. I have slacked off badly, and eaten almost exclusively white bread, rice, pasta and cake for the last few weeks. I will get back to my ‘old’ eating habits once my life has calmed down a bit.

I will close all my credit card accounts when they are paid off. The loan should be paid in soon, and MBNArse can fuck off and die. Bastards.

I will stop whinging about how fat/ugly/stupid I am. I am not stupid, I am not really fat, and my face hasn’t made small children cry for a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I am at work and bored. I have planned my work for the next 3 weeks, and have left today blank to ‘sort stuff out’ – otherwise known as reading emails, putting in a travel claim and faffing about.

OK, there is a resolution. Sort the flat out. It is a tip.

And get that root canal done. My tooth hurts.


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