More bad spendage

Posted: January 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

Oh yes I did…because it’s RAWK! (and they were red and black)

Oh yes, todays foray into TK Maxx (I really shopuld stop using it as a short cut) netted me……

A pair of cowboy boots. Red and black.

Somewhat tight around the calves, so I’ve been wearing them at home to stretch them a bit. A couple of days and they should be well comfy.

I also found hair dye remover in the pound shop, so got three bottles. I worry that I’m going to wash it off and my hair will be carroty.

Went to the Coven last night, and the venue was odd, though it grew on me. Bigger than Flame, and with a separate chill out room that also has a bar. Useful.

I started off feeling a bit disjointed, like I didn’t really fit in, but my mood improved towards the end of the night – until all the Britpop after last orders, where we beat a hasty retreat. It was a complete Esquires moment!

Was convinced it’s the Wake next week, but it was always the same week as the Coven, so I am now confused. More bodies for the Wake though – Paul and Bridget may be coming up next month, as his cousin lives in the City Centre and keeps hassling them to visit. More floorspace then……

Did I mention I had new boots?

C expects it to be bandanas and conchos next. I already have bandanas, and I never really did conchos.

I think I’ve been watching him play Gun too much!


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