Posted: January 22, 2006 in Uncategorized

Went to Notts last night, to the Wake, and it was rather splendid. It was held in the Pit and Pendulum Gawf theme pub, which was nice – the whole dungeon decor really did it. The odd townie came downstairs for a nose, but they were in a minority, and didn’t cause any trouble.
and Dominic yet again had to put up with me, and , which is much appreciated.
Bought too much Lush again, failed to find a decent waterproof eyeliner and bought too many books. Actually, I didn’t because I bought them with my vouchers, but I wanted more…..

Bought ‘A Life Stripped Bare’ (about a man and his family who try to live ethically as possible for a year),
‘Does Anything Eat Wasps?’ (Answers to the bizarre questions people write in to ‘New Scientist’ about) and
‘The Money Diet’ (money saving tips and how not to get ripped off), on the 3 for 2, and
‘The Human Mind’ by Robert Winston who is a marvellous scientist. It was between this and ‘Human Instinct’, but I’ll just have to buy that later……

Very tired and in need of a big pampering bath. May go for Romance In A Stone, but it is very orangey and may just wake me up instead.

Have written out mine and Susie’s workouts. Hers is weights over 2 days, mine is over 3. Could get interesting, but then her goal is to be slim and t-t-t-t – the t word, and mine is to be buff. Nice and muscular with enough bodyfat to still have decent sized boobs 😉

After my bath I may count vitamins, or I may just read one of my lovely new books.

Ideas have been bandied around regarding decorating the flat. A trip to IKEA for ideas (and meatballs) is required.


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