Brum brum…

Posted: January 25, 2006 in Uncategorized

Today I had a meeting in Birmingham. Apart from gigs at the NEC and NIA, I have never been there. Driving and parking in the city centre was far less stressful than I was expecting, and I’d drive around Brum any day of the week in preference to, say, Watford. It took me an hour and a half to do 85 miles (45 mins of that was getting from the motorway to the office – perpetual queue from J6)

It normally takes me that long to do a paltry 20 miles to the office!

I wanted a bit of a wander round the shops, but the meeting went on a bit, and by the time I’d finished, I had only an hour left in the car park. What I saw of it looked good though – lots of new developments, theatres and bars. And it was bloody cheap. Tempted to go there for a bit of a shop one day – not much further than London, and less hassle, too.

Tomorrow, I am going to bite the bullet (groan) and spend some cash.

I will make an appointment with the dentist for a checkup, where he will verbally slap me for not going for nearly 3 years. He will tell me I need a root canal filling (because this tooth has been very painful the last couple of days) which is probably about £400 now, so that’s the next couple of months wages gone, and probably a few more fillings. Oops.

I’m also going to visit a hairdresser. Mine has a different name now, but I hope it’s the same staff. Last time I went, was to get my fringe trimmed, when I had it really short. My fringe is now past my chin. Oh dear. THey will also bollock me for having orangey-pink hair. Ho hum.

So an expensive day all round then. Oh joy.

Still hoping to go to Wildside in a couple of weeks though….(hint)


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