Entertaining weekend and stuff

Posted: January 31, 2006 in Uncategorized

Saturday was interesting. Work was good (no Take That CD on repeat – we got Rock this time!), and we were all set to go to a friends for zombies and pizza.

We went to the petrol station to get petrol, as   wanted to fill the car up for his lovely new job on Monday. So I gave him £30, and off we went.

So, a big round of applause for   who then proceeded to fill up my car with £30 of fuel. Diesel, to be precise. We were quoted £225 + VAT to drain the tank. I think not. He waited for an hour in a freezing petrol station, and I walked home to get my other car, so I could eat pizza and watch films (we’d blown them out twice, I wasn’t going to do it again!)

The RAC towed him to his dads and the fuel was siphoned into jerry cans, so his dad could put it in his Frontera. Didn’t pay for any of it though. (I know it’s contaminated, but there was £3 max of unleaded in there, hardly enough to cause a problem)

He finally turned up just as we were about to put a film on, so he got half the pizza on top of a bellyful of DERV. Yum.

Went to a training day at Lush yesterday. Came back with lots of goodies I had previously ignored, but will try in the interests of ‘research’. I even liked the smell of the batch of Sympathy we were given. Not sure about the Fair Trade Foot Lotion though…. Also went to B and bought my beloved Strandlooper. Was going to get Serpentine but have more shampoo than I know what to do with, so couldn’t justify it. Also got a Sandbar for Criz and Bellatrix lip cream (lovely soft red) and the purple iridescent eyecream.

Speaking of hair, have been treating my curly hair properly recently, and it looks much shinier. Still not happy about conditioner-only washing, so will stick to my glut of detergent but it’s definitely improved.

There is every possibility I will be attending the Glam night with – gasp – unadulterated hair! Wish it wasn’t so sodding orange at the moment though. Be blonde, dammit!


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