Posted: February 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

After all those lovely things I said about work yesterday, and it seems I’ve outstayed my welcome.

Apparently I should work in Luton a couple of days a week, so they know I’m still there.


I hate working in Luton. I hate the shitty traffic on the way there, the twatty driving and, well, Luton. I hate the fact I waste £100 a month on fuel I can ill afford, when I can do the job just as well at Bedford (if not better), where I can walk in and not waste money and pollute the place.

I can see myself working at home more often.

Speaking of home, the flat is a complete disgrace. It’s not so much the untidiness, as it can be remedied, just the lack of decorating that has been done. 3 and a half years, and still not redecorated. I really want to sort the living room out – it’s huge, but it looks closed in at the moment. IKEA really needs to get it. And I really am bored of the sand/yellow colour now. It’s a sunny room anyway – any other suggestions (apart from beige/white/apricot)? I quite fancy green, but I’d have green in every room if I thought I could get away with it!

I need to stop being a social whore (as Susie put it), and stay at home and DO STUFF!

At least I won’t need to buy Lush for weeks (apart from Golden Slumbers, because it’s fab!)

And now I’m off for a bath….


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