Posted: February 10, 2006 in Uncategorized

Never underestimate working in an office full of middle aged men.

Despite the fact I feel thoroughly picked on at the moment, what with being eviceted from the office, getting a bollocking etc etc, the chaps in the office have been extremely supportive.

From telling me he’ll forget about it tomorrow, it will all blow over, and he’ll start on someone else next week, it’s made me feel a bit better. Problem is, I’m now worrying about all the mistakes he has yet to find.

I did get some helpful hints and tips from the HEO though, which I’m putting into practice from now on.

Gym tonight and legs night – I need it if I’m to continue wearing the two knee length skirts I bought this week. Today I am wearing the satin one which is relatively flattering, and only shows the cellulite if I clench me bum. Maybe I should just wear thicker tights?

Wore the cowboy boots yesterday,and though a bit tight by the end of the day, they were pretty comfy, so expect them on a dancefloor near you soon!

Hair still a ghastly orange shade, but the Big is pulling it out a bit quicker now. Dare I go to the Coven with uncrimped hair? Bit insecure about the hair after some gimp shouted ‘ginge!’ at me out of a car window. Makes a change from ‘Freak!’, I suppose.

I also have some yummy maple walnut and some cinnamon coffee. Unfortunately I have no cafetiere. Duh. Might get a cheapy one at the weekend.

Have to find a nature goddess costume for tomorrow. No pink, red, purple or hearts allowed. I’ll have to do green then – that’s natural….. And some kind of foliage for the hair. Or something. Don’t think nature godesses wear New Rocks though!


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