Feel like I at least did something….

Posted: February 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

Wore green at work on Saturday, and put white flowers in my hair – quite liked the flowers, may buy some from the Singer shop. One advantage of curly hair is that stuff stays in it.

Went to Coven on Saturday, and was mightily impressed that the DJ played a Rome Burns track…

Got a bit tipsy, but didn’t dance as much as I should have at all. I think I was having a self confidence crisis or something.

Went to MK today, to buy sweeties for the Secret Candy swap. And some for myself, of course! Got a couple of magazines, and would have bought some new Origins concealer (my last one has lasted 2 years – bargain for £11!), but the assistant had buggered off, so I couldn’t get any.

Now, I don’t do New Year Resolutions, because January is a bloody silly time to give anything up, given you will still have 2 tins of Roses and a crate of beer left over from Christmass, not to mention pounds of pork pies, cake, sweets and assorted shite food. However, I have made a bit of an effort, and cooked a load of rice, to have with my dinners this week. Sadly, the chicken is still defrosting, so it may be prawn curry that goes with it….

And I’m going to try and go without foundation, except on nights out. Just to see. My skin is shite, and I suspect cosmetic abuse has a lot to do with it. Not giving up makeup, just foundation. I can never get the right colour anyway.

And I tidied the bathroom. Hurrah! I can see the floor and know where the towels are.

And I will be having a Golden Slumbers bath, as it apparently knocks you out. I got to bed at 4.30 this morning, was woken up at 5.30 by the alarm I thought I’d switched off, and again at 8am, so I need kip.

After that, I’ll settle down with a couple of chocolates or a chunk of the 37% cocoa Hotal Chocolat chocolate which is THE best milk choc I’ve tasted. Mmmmmm……


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