Posted: February 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Little bastards. Got to my car last night and some little fucker had broken in, tried to hotwire it, and had a right good rummage – looks like they were about to nick the stereo when they were disturbed. Bastards. Some of you may remember I got a smashed window and stereo stolen just before Christmas, when I parked it outside. Well this time, it was parked INSIDE, in the communal garage. Problem is, the shutter is broken, so any skanky little chav can walk in. Tossers. THey have done something bad to the steering and thoroughtly pissed me off. THe police were there last night, and they asked me to call it in. Just rang Aldwyck, who were as much use as a fart in a colander, and will ‘get back to me’ about when the garage door will be fixed, and whether the CCTV actually works.

I feel a real ‘Mr Angry’ letter coming on – this is down to their negligence, after all – I’m not messing up my no-claims because of them!

Oh yeah, and it’s VD. Very apt. Bah bloody humbug. I will be going to the gym, as it will be empty of all but sad singles , so I will not have to fight the teenagers for the dumbbells. Sent no cards, will receive no cards, and will sit in on me tod with the cats, watching crap telly. Or working, or tidying up.

Have no cash, which is irritating. Had no sleep last night either, so all in all I am not in a good mood. At all.


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