Posted: February 15, 2006 in Uncategorized

I had a really healthy lunch today – all in preparation for Leg Day at the gym. I haven’t done squats for a while. Two reasons – one, is that I’ve been going with a friend, and she doesn’t like doing them. Now she’s more confident and can be left alone, I can get on with it, and two because they moved one of the squat racks into the middle of the room, and it doesn’t feel secure, what with there being no mirror in front of you, and all those people walking past. The decent one seems to be used exclusively for barbell curls and shrugs. Grrr.

So I will try for a personal best today. I had done 30kg on the bar, I’ll go for 32.5kg (well, it’s a start….)

As for the lunch? Brown and wild rice, tuna, red pepper and tomato with roast red pepper and chilli dressing. Yum. And an apple.

Unfortunately I have ruined it a bit by eating half a bag of Minstrels and swigging some Lucozade – mostly to stop me feeling faint when I go there in an hour or so.

Worked at home this morning, and got a fair bit done, so I’m pleased. Still have more to do, but I reckon if I do more work at home over the next couple of weeks, I should clear the backlog, and my boss will stop complaining at me. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Really want to sort my bedroom out – it is beyond a joke! I’ve sorted out most of the clothes, have to wash a few loads, then I’ll set about all the furniture and stuff – especially trying to get it so the cat won’t knock everything off. I’m definitely considering green in there (no surprise there then, though I fancy it for the living room too)


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