They were right….

Posted: February 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

…seems the management grimness has blown over, he’s been perfectly reasonable about it, so I suspect he had a bit of PMT going on there.

I went to Luton today, to find out it was Union circulars filling the in-tray, so I emptied it.

I wrote a lovely long entry last night about my evil leg workout and nasty toothache, but it disappeared. I’ll make an appointment tomorrow (if the money is in), and my shoulders are sore today, from Tuesday, and my legs are beginning to get really stiff from yesterday. Today, I will be doing Pilates, so tomorrow, I will be unable to bend.

But my thighs don’t half feel tight…..shame they don’t look it!

Only managed around 70-80g protein yesterday – really must get it up to at least 100g. 2 eggs today, tuna sandwich, still only around 35g, maybe an extra 5-10g in the bread. And I’m out of cottage cheese…..


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