THe PMT came back

Posted: February 17, 2006 in Uncategorized

So it’s head down from me (when he gets back from lunch). And men have a cheek to mention mood swings as being a ‘womens’ problem’!!!

Bloody cheek.

A call out to Nonnymus – 2 months to Whitby, any cool hair ideas? All up for the wrapped dreads, just need a colour combination to decide on, because I really don’t want to be dyeing my hair again anytime soon.

I want to go out somewhere and dance, but there’s bugger all on tonight, and I don’t want to drive – partly because I have no fuel, but mostly because I want some drink. Gah.

And the money isn’t in my bank yet so I can’t make a dental appointment. Mmm, aspirin……

Good mood of earlier has completely evaporated. Arse.

And I did Pilates yeaterday – I am officially a cripple. Still sore from weights over the previous 2 days, I made my shoulders more sore by doing side bends and the plank, and my hips and lower back are stiff as hell from too much single leg stretch. Ow. I feel about 95 – I’m sure this fitness lark is supplosed to be good for you…….


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