Argh tooth woe

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Uncategorized

Rang Northern Rock last week – I overpaid my loan settlement, and they owe me some money. THey said they’d pay it into my account by Friday.

Cue Sunday, when I rang them again. They claim they tried to ring me, to get my bank details. I received no answerphone message, and it’s the same account they’ve been taking the money from for years……

So, they will pay it again today, by BACS, and it should be in by Friday. Oh joy. I have £30 left for food and petrol for the week, and another 5 days of pain before i can see a dentist. Argh. Woke up at 1am with toothache. Sick of taking painkillers – paracetamol gives me headache, and aspirin indigestion on an empty stomach (though I prefer aspirin)

Might buy some more clove oil later – the stuff I borrowed is years out of date…..

Must also post my International Candy Swap today! Hope she likes her stuff!

Gym tonight, think it’s upper body day – will have to check and print off sheet.

Have managed to eat really healthily so far today. Had omelette with 2 eggs, nion, mushroom, peas, sweetcorn and feta for breakfast, and have just eaten Ryvita minis – not healthy, but I had the munchies, and better than chocolate!
Have tuna, brown rice, peppers and tomatoes with chilli dressing for lunch. And an apple.

Feel a bit sluggish though, due to it being that time of the month. Joy. Will be really crap with the weights then, and rubbish on cardio.

ETA: Nonnymus – I have a bottle of American Cream for You! Wildside is 4th March – does it clash with Cyberness again? Because I really want to go……. And I’m needing Whitters hair ideas!


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