Annoyed again

Posted: February 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

Plan was to work at home, have a bath, go to Luton (a completely pointless exercise), go to the gym, go home.

The cat is playing me up because he doesn’t like the food he has, and I have no money to buy more. He is being such a pain in the arse and distraction that I will probably just have to go to Luton in the pissing snow, using fuel I technically can’t afford, for no reason other than to stop the boss nagging me, because some interfering git has been asking where I am. Argh. And I’ve just eaten, so I won’t get my bath. And believe it, I ming!

The only good point is that there is a parcel for me at the sorting office, which I suspect is my International Candy Swap parcel, meaning it is full of high-sugar US goodies, which will have me buzzing until next week…… (which is when I can afford food again)

In fact I am a grumpy arse in general at the moment, mostly because I am utterly fed up of people taking the piss, of having no money, and because the Whitby band lineup is completely uninspiring. Again.

I have to tax the car, see the dentist and spend at least £10 a week unnecessarily, to get myself to Pooton. Argh, whine whine whine.

I found my fatburners though, and even though I keep forgetting the lunchtime dose, and they’re not burning any fat (yet), they are stopping me dozing off at 2pm, and they are also suppressing the appetite a bit.


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