Posted: February 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

…was predictably shite. I feel so drained now. The people, in the main, were fine, and I got some help and information, but driving around Luton and dealing with the fucking ignorant twats in the shops just did my head in.

It was a pointless exercise, as I would have done twice the work in half the time in Bedford, and not had an hours drive each way. Mr C is going to the Cheese night tonight. I was tempted, but there’s no room in the car, and no petrol in mine, so I’m either going to the gym or staying in. Actually, I will go to the gym then come home and eat…er….ah. Tuna? Tuna and pasta then. Hmm. Yum. I really hope I get paid tomorrow, I’m craving chicken. No sodding eggs either, and I just finished the cottage cheese.

Meanwhile, I have a battle plan to see how well the favouritism thing is at work. Just see if I can get more work done and more hits than the Perfect Twins, and wait for the boss to get at me about something else, or make excuses for them. After yet another bollocking yesterday, because the ‘stats’ show me not doing enough work, the reality is that I am doing slightly more than average. Hmm. I know it’s his stupid ‘stat-happy’ boss doing the aggro thing. Arseholes. I’m not interested in the fucking stats, I just want to know that I’m doing my job properly.

God, I’ve had a real ranty one today. Sorry about that, everyone.


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