Sick ratty

Posted: February 25, 2006 in Uncategorized

Oh dear, one of our lovely ratties is sick. Actually they both are, but one is still fine, as it were. Dangerous Beans has Bumblefoot, which looks grim, but doesn’t seem to be giving him any gyp, but Hamnpork has lost the use of his bag legs, progressively and is not looking well.

Just gave him tepid water and he went mad – seems his spine hasdegenerated so much he can’t reach the bottle! I feel really bad for not noticing that 😦

He’s just drunk loads but not really eating, though he’s perked up a bit. Really hope he lasts the night, poor boy. Only heard a few weeks ago that their breeder had died suddenly. Bugger.

In less grim news, I have Snow Festival, American Cream and something else as bribery for next week, all I need now is a suitably RAWK outfit. I did get sparkly fishnets yesterday, so that’s a start…..

And hopefully there will be pizza, pop and pointless films later this evening.


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